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    3d Max Book Model

    Download Book free 3D models, available in MAX, OBJ, FBX, 3DS, C4D file formats, ready for VR / AR, animation, games and other 3D projects. 3D Books models download, free Books 3d models and 3d objects for computer graphics applications like advertising, CG works, 3D visualization, interior. D models of Book & Magazine was found. Files available in 3ds, Max, C4d, Blend, Maya, Obj, Stl, Dae, Gsm, Fbx, Skp and other formats.

    How to Cheat in 3ds Max Of the three books, How to Cheat in 3ds Max by Michele Bousquet is the one I'd most recommend for a beginner, for two reasons: First, it is very visual: Perhaps percent of every page is visual material: When it comes to learning 3ds Max, seeing is often the key to understanding. Just saying "Use the ProOptimizer modifier to bring the poly count down Showing the result in the 3ds Max interface see figure below provides a huge hint and a feeling of security when you see that what you've done looks like the screen shot.

    Of all people he knows exactly what does creating a masterpiece in 3ds Max mean. As early as glancing over the book at the post-office WOW effect caught us fast: quality paper, nice typographic layout and great illustrations.

    At first sight, the book is worth all the money. There are also good step-by-step illustrations — if English is not your native language, you may just look at the pictures and get a lot of information.

    This is very important for a useful guide, do you agree? Besides, key moments are tagged with quotes. Readers can find them on 3dtotalpublishing. Each article has its own author, but this in no way affects the quality of the book. Each chapter completes and continues the previous one.

    Step-by-step description of working process These occupy a large part of the book and being written by different authors the articles are connected by one single character that goes through all stages of creation — from modeling and texturing to setting a pose and animation.

    The fact that topology is performed taking into account the following setup and animation is especially important since beginners should consider this peculiarity. Thanks to these, when we see a complete character for the first time, we may already have a lot to say about his or her nature and manners. All stages and principles of animation are described in detail.

    Modeling the hands Character creation Often novice animators overlook such things like detailed perspective and scene planning, as well as distinctive movements and rhythm. Although this stage is very important if you want to obtain an impressive result. Character rigging Thanks to these materials 3D-beginners can get valuable knowledge — understanding of principles and complex process pipelines on a concrete example.

    Diego emphasizes that correct topology may be useful not only in animation but also in other fields, even in high-poly modeling and digital illustration. In addition, this information is useful for various purposes — if you understand it, you can apply it when working with any 3d software. He shows a detailed process of character retopology and gives important advice on modeling hard surfaces. The author overcomes this limitation to some extent by continuing a single project over several lessons.

    Still, overall, the book focuses on the quick and sometimes the "quick and dirty" as opposed to the intricate and detailed. Not that "quick and dirty" is always to be disparaged. As the author points out in the introduction, if you have delivered quickly, and your client or boss is happy, it's hard to find a downside.

    It's easy to get carried away with perfectionism and details that are invisible in the final product. This book is a constant reminder not to do that. Despite the compact format of the lessons, How to Cheat in 3ds Max does not confine itself to the simplistic or trivial.

    It gets into some advanced features such as the UVW Unwrap modifier, normal mapping, and how to configure lighting for best results using the Mental Ray renderer.

    Still, the two-page format for each lesson does impose some restrictions on what can be attempted. Even when advanced topics are broached, it is usually with a fairly straightforward example, and touching on only a limited number of options.

    Best book to learn 3ds Max - Autodesk Community

    In addition, the necessary compression of this format often leads the author to show the interface and describe what you need to do, but not in a step-by-step "select this radio button, then click this button" fashion. Instead, you get something like, "Set up this type of effect on the Effects tab of the Environment and Effects dialog by adding Lens Effects and making an omni light the source of the effect. In addition, don't neglect the accompanying CD, which, in addition to containing all the textures and models you'll need to complete the lessons, has starter scenes, final scenes and animations.

    Despite some inherent limitations, this is a great book which delivers exactly what it promises: a raft of techniques for producing some impressive results with a minimum of futzing and fretting. Murdock might appear to be the polar opposite of How to Cheat in 3ds Max -- and to an extent, that is true: Where How to Cheat is slender, Bible is a door-stop. Where How to Cheat is ablaze with full-color illustrations and screen shots, Bible's visual material is black and white, and there is much less of it proportionally.

    Free 3D Book & Magazine Models

    Note: Though the introductory material for the book promises color versions of the pictures on the DVD, that is not the case. On closer examination, though, 3ds max Bible is not just an exhaustive reference.

    The section starts right off with a fun example, "Landing a Space Vehicle. This is a change from the previous nine editions of the book, which put both basic and advanced information on a particular topic such as materials, lighting or animation in one section. The idea of the new organization is that novices can proceed front-to-back through the book with less danger of getting overloaded with too much information in the early pages.

    3ds Max Books

    Throughout the book, the author balances teaching new skills on the one hand with cataloguing and explaining Max's rich capabilities on the other. The reader acquires skills by working through the numerous short step-by-step examples, and gains both basic and deeper understanding by reading descriptions which, in terms of page count, far outweigh the tutorials. The author often exhibits a real talent for making basic concepts clear.

    For instance, here's the beginning of the section on "Understanding Maps": To understand a material map, think of this example. Cut the label off of a soup can, scan it into the computer, and save the image as a bitmap.

    You can then create a cylinder with roughly the same dimensions as the can, load the scanned label image as a material map, and apply it to the cylinder object to simulate the original soup can. Very basic, and I think very clear and intuitive even to someone who has never heard of a material map before.

    However, more advanced and much less intuitive material often follows hard on the heels of the basics. For instance, immediately following the above paragraph comes a section on "Different map types" that starts like this: Different types of maps exist. Some maps wrap images about objects, while others define areas to be modified by comparing the intensity of the pixels in the map.

    An example of this is a bump map. A standard bump map would be a grayscale image -- when mapped onto an object, lighter colored sections would be raised to a maximum of pure white I suspect most beginners have fallen off the bus by this time.

    If you were only going to download one book on 3ds Max, this might be it. With dedication and persistence, you could theoretically go from know-nothing status into some moderately advanced territory using this book alone. However, I think you'd spend an awful lot of time plowing through material you didn't really understand.

    Realistically, you'd probably be interrupting to try some hands-on in Max, read the documentation that comes with the software, search a forum to see if anyone else has ever had the same question that is puzzling you, and so on. Comments on site.

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