Your Library appears blank or NOOK Books are missing. You can also view your Library on another NOOK device or NOOK Reading App if available. your device if you have not already done so and then launch the NOOK Reading App. Can I read NOOK Kids books on the NOOK Reading app? NOOK Kids content . How do I sync my Library now that the icon is not there anymore? You can sync. If you're having trouble opening content or reading on your NOOK, try these that has not yet been released, the link to download will not work until the book is .

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    Nook App Book Not Available For

    You do not need a NOOK device to read NOOK books. Apps to your Android and iOS mobile devices or Windows PC and enjoy your NOOK content there. Download NOOK and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Before the update you could see the cover of all the books you had available to read in your library. I do not understand why they had to change that aspect of the app. Get the FREE NOOK Reading App for your Android smartphone or tablet to start enjoying Barnes & Noble's award-winning eBook discovery and digital reading.

    User Name Remember Me? Password Notices Tip Got Facebook? Nook ereader app does not appear in my iTunes Thailand. Though I change country to US and see it, I can't install it because it says something like I'm not in US perhaps it checks from my registered credit card. Is there any workaround?

    Jonathan Agathokles I also use this method with Kobo.

    I cannot log in. It takes me almost an hour to get to the right book and setting to upload a review.

    How to Download Nook Books

    This is crazy. I bought some ebooks using the new cart feature. You can add your ebooks to the cart instead of having all these separate charges hitting my card. I really like the new website. Even though I swore I would never download another nook book, when I heard a new website was in the works I decided to test the waters with a free book, fortunately. I miss Fictionwise! They are so uninterested in customer feedback it reminds me of Iomega.

    Moving towards hiring non-book people for more and more managerial positions, too — reflected in becoming like Borders, with more of an emphasis on gifts and non-book items in the physical stores, chasing the short-term dollar without caring about customer retention in membership drives, e-reader sales, etc. Sharon Holihan Why change something that was working???? Now I have to go through the long drawn out process of adding it to the cart, checking out etc. I downloadd an e-book on July 27, and it still has shown up on my nook.

    I have gone into one of the stores, I have called into the digital support department. No one has answers, and I cannot get my money back. It shows me that due to geographical reasons, but it never showed me this before. The Nook for Mac software still works on my computer and loads all of my downloads.

    BryX My actual, physical nook still works as fine as it ever has. Have they said anything about fixing it yet? Then this. But I suspect it may not be an accident. Share on social, email, and other apps. Enjoy a book every month, delivered FREE in daily chapters directly to your device.

    Any way to install Nook ereader for non-US? - MobileRead Forums

    Visit Library Settings to enable when sorting by author. Visit your Archive by tapping Before the update you could see the cover of all the books you had available to read in your library. Now you have to scroll through either by author or title and click on each to see them. Of course you can see recent ones that way, but I want to see all my books like it was before.

    I do not understand why they had to change that aspect of the app.

    Barnes and Noble Unveils Broken Nook Website

    Bring that option back, please!! Ok, they let me know I could view them that way by title or most recent, which is good, but why take away the choice by author? For those of us that read a lot this seems like a crazy change to make, this is a reading app after all, anything available in title should be available in author also the same format.

    So, still no 5 stars because of that. Thank you for listening and adding back the choice to search by author or title with the book cover.

    I am very happy!! You get your 5 stars back: When I started this review, I was more glad see next paragraph than I am now. Every update seems to decrease function and, today, no txt appears for any book I open. I may be finished trying to make it work. Sorry I recently downloadd several new titles! Glad to have Nook on my iPad but wish maneuvering through the app wasn't so clunky. Not close to ease of Nook device but still better than earlier version.

    Why the app can't let you download but the device can is unfathomable. Other reviewers have mentioned the inconsistent sync function which appears to have gotten worse: Your tech support doesn't take the time to read the question being asked and makes useless, futile suggestions. Had thought I wouldn't change because I have too many titles to use different one, today's experience may have convinced me to move on.

    My final comment relates to the inability to utilize coupons for Nook downloads. The price fixing on e-books is a disgrace.

    The only advantage is portability and it does not outweigh the cost differential and the inability to lend any book I own to anyone I wish. Technology has bypassed common sense again!! Hello Too old to tap!

    It is not related to the NOOK app update. Please power off and power back on your device and this should resolve the issue. Unfortunately, allowing download within the app is an issue for most companies that sell digital content on iOS, not just NOOK. Until that situation changes, we are doing the best we can by allowing you to shop and add to your wishlist.

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