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eBooks - Category: Romance - Download free eBooks or read books online for free. Discover new Free eBooks - Romance Keywords: cute, love, story. Results 1 - 10 of A love story that is both sweet and sad - Seventeen-year-old Amy was the perfect girl in everyone's eyes, at least until John came. He, the. download free romance books, novels and women’s fiction. In this category you will find a wealth of free romance novels in a wide range of romantic fiction genres. Read the best romance novels and free romance books online, available in pdf, epub and kindle formats.

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Ebook Romance Story

Do you love to read novel romance, this app for you. There are numerous novel romance, which you fell from your heart. Novel stories is all you need. Each and. Christian Romance Fiction Novels With a Purpose--By Best Selling Author Staci Stallings. Posts about free stories online written by Staci Stallings.

Share the Love Love makes the world go round! In this category you will find a wealth of romance novels and novelettes in a wide range of romantic fiction genres. Each story you see in this category is of course free of charge and available in pdf, epub and kindle formats for your reading pleasure: from chicklit to bodice-rippers and racy mysteries through to fantasy, western, paranormal, suspense, historical, teen love stories young adult romantic titles too. Our quality romance books are written by independent authors who excel at their craft and want you to enjoy their work free of charge in return for a star rating and some feedback. So, if you are looking for a romantic fix at any time of the day or night you know where to come! Unlike high-street bookstores, we are open 24 hours each day, every day! Love can be both psychological and physical: the whole process is essential in order to attract and build a unique relationship with a member of the opposite or same sex. So it's good therapy to get stuck into a good book whenever you can. Want to learn to write love letters like a King? Read the famous love letters that gave rise to the tumultuous love affair that changed England forever. It is one of the many diverse titles we have available on obooko for download.

After submitting a lengthy application, I had a quick phone interview and was offered the job on the spot. I got started on my first assignment later that week. The way that it worked was that writers took turns writing chapters. Each novel had about 30 chapters that were 1, words each.

Romance Books

The novel was already plotted, and so each assignment came with a summary of what was supposed to happen in the chapter. Since everyone was a ghostwriter, we all worked together under a pen name.

Honestly, it was a brilliant system that was incredibly efficient.

You could easily have a team of 20 people working together to finish one novel in a week. Watching it all come together, from plot outline to an edited finished manuscript, was amazing to witness.

Smashwords – Romance — free ebooks — most-downloaded first

A lot of times when I signed up for what looked like a fun chapter, I found myself spending less time building the character or creating funny dialogue than just fulfilling the mandatory word count.

It was agonizing to be stuck in the middle of a chapter only to realize I was running out of things to say. But that dick, though But sexual tension and buildup only made up half the book.

Once the female protagonist and her love interest went through some perience together, it went straight to the sex. As a non-erotica writer, I was cautious and nervous at first, but it got easier as I went along. Honestly, it was all amusing at first, but after working on a few books, the novelty quickly wore off.

When writing an anal sex scene between a king and a princess, I found myself growing irritated over plot holes. Where would one find lube in this ye olde medieval kingdom? Before starting each novel, the editor would send us a character summary. And when downloaders ordered, they had to wait for me to send them the file.

Free stories library

It would be seven more years before site launched its self-publishing platform, and it became all the rage.

I finally got up to speed and got more sophisticated with self-publishing.

So she wrote it just to get it out of her head. It was called Loving a Texan from New Orleans. She uploaded it to site, and promptly forgot about it. In fact, she got me the job there when we were both in college.

Buy for others

I point this out to say, because both of us had a background in publishing, so it never occurred to us NOT to self-publish. So not only were we comfortable with self-publishing, we liked the freedom and control it gave us over our works.

Ironically, after self-publishing for years, I landed a traditional book deal — in for a non-fiction book.

My prolific self-publishing background was one of the reasons the Acquisitions Editor who recruited me was attracted to my credentials in the first place.

So, self-publishing can lead to a traditional book deal; just throwing that out there. Now, back to how I got into writing romance. And, throughout the day, the sales kept coming. As a self-published author of many non-fiction books, those kinds of sales were not common. This was in March of That outline was a lifesaver; it told me exactly what to do.

I had ants in my pants waiting for the sales to start rolling in.

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